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Arusha is located in Tanzania, East Africa. Tanzania is fast becoming “the place to go” for travelers from all over the world!

Known for it’s diverse and beautiful vegetation, landscapes and wildlife, it is no wonder that Tanzania has been the host for countless documentaries and movies. Home to the largest protected natural habitats for lions and elephants, it is the prime location for those travelers interested in experiencing the safari adventure. Mount Kilimanjaro attracts thousands of climbers and fundraisers each year in pursuit of conquering the “Roof of Africa”. And, with more than 30% of the population living on means below the poverty level of $1.25 per day, Tanzania gratefully welcomes thousands of volunteers as well.

There are so many reasons that attract our international brothers and sisters, but it is the warm, generous and humorous nature of our people that win their hearts and call so many to return. Wakawaka volunteers are given opportunities that most travelers miss. By living and working within the community, they are able to truly experience and appreciate the joys and challenges of Tanzanian natives. The people of Tanzania welcome you and appreciate all that you can offer to improve the lives of people in their community and, in return, you will take a piece of Tanzania in your heart, as a permanent souvenir.

Wakawaka Volunteers encourages that you reward your hard work with tours and expeditions that interest you. Your free time is your own and you might be surprised to discover just how much there is to experience in and around Arusha. You may choose to plan day trips on your days off; swimming in hot springs, challenging yourself with a waterfall hike, or shopping at the local markets. Evenings can be spent dining at local restaurants with friends or dancing to live music within the city. And, allowing for some extra days following your volunteer commitment, we can help you plan safari expeditions and a little relaxation on the beaches of Zanzibar.

All work and no play makes for a tired volunteer, so be prepared to experience as much as possible of all that Tanzania has to offer!