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David Yesayah
President and Co-founder

David has spent his own time volunteering at various projects within his community since 2008.

Through his own experience, he has witnessed the need for communities to help each other on a global scale, and there began his dream to offer such opportunities to his international neighbours while contributing to the betterment of those in need within his own neighbourhood. David has spent several years interacting and offering support to international volunteers and travellers when volunteering, as well as through his vocational experience as a tour guide. All of his experience has offered him awareness and sensitivity to the cultural differences and challenges that are sometimes experienced by travellers.

David has personally selected all ground support staff based on their knowledge of the area and their sensitivity to the possibility of cultural challenges so that they can offer the supports and resources that may be needed for first time travellers of all ages. You can trust David and Wakawaka to make your volunteer dream come true !