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We have 3 different programs for you to volunteer in - medical, orphanage and teaching.

A lot of orphanages in Tanzania are built and run as a school during the day for both orphans and children living close to the orphanage. Some volunteers don't realize this when they choose to do orphanage work and it can become a bit unsettling as they did not choose to do teaching. We have found separate orphanages which are in need of help from volunteers, not just teaching !

If you decide to do the teaching program, you will need to have good English skills as the children learn in English at school.

And in the medical program, volunteers will need medical qualifications as you will be working alongside doctors and treating patients that need professional medical attention.

By filling out your application into the programme you will be emailed with specific details about what qualifications and certifications you need to provide before your arrival.


Medical Placement

Spending time in our local medical facilities is not easy but it will surely make a lasting impact on your medical career !

Orphanage Work

Orphanage work is one of the most popular programs that volunteers choose. It is such a rewarding experience and the bond you make with the children is something you will remember forever.

Teaching English

Nelson Mandela once said " Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world " and he was right ! To do the teaching program with us, you just need good English skills.