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Whether you are a medical professional, wishing to share your time and services with our community or boost your CV, or a medical student who wants to study in a developing country, Wakawaka Volunteers has opportunities for you.

We have three medical placement programs which include :

  • Ithna – Asheri Charitable Hospital
  • St. Elizabeth Hospital
  • Ngarenaro Health Centre

Medical Placement Volunteers and Students are required to provide proof of accreditation or active study to work in our local hospitals and clinics. Working in our medical placements will provide you with the opportunity to share your skills and knowledge, as well as gain experience in an atmosphere that is quite unlike anything you would find at home!

The medical placement projects that we support are staffed with local health care professionals and our volunteers work under their direction. Duties include providing treatment to pregnant women and newborn babies, providing care to the community for such ailments as malaria, typhoid, tropical infections, injuries, HIV and AIDS. The greatest benefits that our volunteers provide are in the areas of patient support and preventative education.

Spending time in our local medical facilities is not easy but it will surely make a lasting impact on your medical career !