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Orphanage work is one of the most popular programs that volunteers choose. It is such a rewarding experience and the bond you make with the children is something you will remember forever.

We have many different orphanages for you to choose from which include :

  • Faraja Centre
  • Camp Moses Orphanage Centre
  • Ebenezer Orphanage
  • Malaika Orphanage
  • Baraa Orphans Support Initiative
  • Glorious Orphanage
  • Jitihada Support Orphanage

The creator of Wakawaka Volunteers, David has built relationships with the owners of these orphanages and has searched for the most appropriate for our volunteers.

Many orphanages in Tanzania also act as schools during the day and a lot of children from the area who are living with elderly relatives will attend school as well. This can be confusing to some volunteers as they may be asked to teach the children at times. Don’t worry about the teaching side of it !

Most of these orphanages already have teachers and you may be asked to help them at times. There are plenty of other things to focus on rather than teaching. You could raise money for food, bedding, clothes, medical checks for the orphans and you could focus on setting up a social media site for the orphanage like a Facebook page or a website.